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Rheem Hot Water Service Replacement

rheem-logoGet Your HOT WATER SERVICE before WINTER.

I had an urgent phone call from a very distressed  lady in Modbury explaining to me that there was no HOT WATER at their house. She thought the HOT water UNIT outside had given up as she had been experiencing less & less hot water over the past week and her husband noticed it had been leaking around the unit.  She was rather distressed as they had interstate visitors coming over for a family wedding and really needed this fixed.

The FIRST thing I check when I go to peoples places with this problem on the older units, is that the PILOT LIGHT doesn’t IGNITE, (sounds crazy….but you will be surprised how many times that this has happened, which is a nice thing for the customer as it saves them replacing the whole unit).

Then I CHECK the date it was installed incase its under warranty, in this case it was just over 11 years old.

HOT WATER units have a life span of around 10 years, anything after that is a bonus.  This HOT WATER unit had definitely given up and it was time to replace it.

I suggested a RHEEM HOT WATER Service to the customer and they were happy to go with what I thought, don’t get me wrong there are lots of great HOT WATER services out there, but having been a PLUMBER for many years and installing lots of HOT water services,  I like to stick with RHEEM as I generally believe this is a fantastic product and will give you 100% satisfaction and great after sales service.

I contacted the TRADELINK plumbing supply store and organised the unit straight away for them and was able to finish the job the same day.

If you are concerned that your HOT WATER system may be on it ways out then don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can help you out before the cooler weather sets in.

A couple of way you can tell first is : 

  • Leaking around the hot water unit
  • Less hot water than usual
  • The age of the unit, warranty is usually up until 10 years.

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